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Judgment Enforcement

What Your Judgment Is

Your judgment from the courts is nothing more that a piece of worthless paper, unless you know how to enforce it. When you run out of time and patience trying to enforce your legally obtained judgment, give us a call. We specialize in judgment enforcement.

Most people do not realize that once they obtain their judgment, that the courts will NOT help them enforce their judgment. It is solely upon the judgment creditor to figure out how to collect the money they rightfully deserve.

GenSen Services has partnered with a prominent law firm  in The Seifert Law Center to give the people an option - the option to have their judgment enforced.

The Seifert Law Center is not a collections agency. A collections agency works on Pre-Judgment debt. Collections agencies can not take the debtor to court and demand that they answer questions regarding their assets. Collections agencies can not attach bank accounts, file garnishments, or seize non-exempt personal property in order to satisfy the judgment that you own. Once you have your judgment, our Enforcers can. The Seifert Law Center can also help you in obtaining your judgment too.

We have creative process servers, intelligent investigators, and knowledgeable attorneys available to make sure your judgment is satisfied to it's fullest. There are no upfront costs, of back end fees, nothing of the sort. You pay NOTHING to have an Enforcer handle your case. The Seifert Law Center bears all costs in enforcing your judgment. You get to sit back, and enjoy the peace of mind that you get from knowing that an expert Enforcer is on the job.

Give us a call @ 414. (2274) and speak to an enforcement specialist about your judgment needs.

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